Our first newsletter of 2023 starts with a reflection on the kick-off event of the LTE450 pilot on December 16, 2022 and ends with the link to the article about this pilot in Innovation Origins. In between you will find some news about measuring 4/5G at sea, the visit of the Offshore Expertise Center in Stellendam by Minister Mark Harbers and a lot of related newsitems, collected in the first two months of the year.

Newsletter 2023-1

In this newsletter we share some more info about the status of the 12-mile 4/5G coverage study, after an overview of the projects we ended 2022 with.


Following is an extensive list of curated newsitems, collected in March and April about develoments in connectivity solutions like LEO satellites and 5G. But also news about new seacables, the vision of TenneT for the future Dutch and European electricy grid of 2045 and the vison of two sea port authorities about the implementation of new technologies in their ports. Happy reading!

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In newsletter #3 of 2023 you will find a small update of the status of the 12-mile 4/5G coverage study, the LTE450 pilot as well as the repeated announcement of the LEO satcom plans.


But the most important news from the fieldlab is about becoming a Workgroup of the Digital Ecosystems Institute (DEI), see also the "About"-section of this website. Will a BVLOS drone flight all the way to Goeree Light Platform (LEG, see picture) and back to the Rotterdam harbour area become reality? That is a challenge CFNS is organizing as an example what kind of results the cooperation in the new ecosystem can lead to.


As usual, also this "Summer Edition" is filled with curated news items of the prvious two months, we think are of interest for the future digital infrastructure at de North Sea and maritime connectivity.

Newsletter 2023-2

Newsletter 2023-5

#4 of our bi-monthly news update also starts with the preperations for the round tabel conference on 5 September and the organization of the UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) beyond-visual-line -of-sight flight to the North Sea Challenge, planned for 15 November.


But also the activities of CFNS in the Dutch Sea Cable Coalition since 2022 are mentioned, with emphasis on the recent developments like a branch of the Far North Fiber to the Netherlands (see picture).


News items of July and August in edition 2023-4 cover a wide range of development worldwide, starting with the Next-Generation Cloud-Edge as endorsed by the European Council for the European Industrial Technology Roadmap and part of the European Data Strategy.

Newsletter 2023-4

The last newsletter of 2023 starts with a report about the first round table organized together with the Digital Ecosystems Institute on 5 September. "Think big, act small" was considered the most effective approach for this journey of our fieldlab towards a durable ecosystem in an open public-private partnership.  Also the second round table session is covered, that took place on 2 November. Both events were hosted by Campus@Sea in Scheveningen (The Hague, NL).


In the overview of connectivity and digital infrastructure related news items we collected in September and October, you will find amazing stuff, like an 'artist impression' of a energy island created by Midjourney AI and a impressive (and real) buyon, named  JET-5 Te Fiti, build by Jet Connectivity to provide offshore 5G.



Photo credit: Thijs Rooimans

Newsletter 2023-3