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Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, i-River is looking for other partners to setup a Community Fieldlab for maritime validation of wireless communication solutions in the North Sea. It's mission consists of fully digital connected territorial waters and EEZ by 2030. New FLYER released: you can now download our February 2024 released flyer. You can also read further about the CFNS on this website.


The Dutch Exclusive Zone in the North Sea is one of the most intensively used maritime areas in the world. There are important shipping and aviation routes and there are unique nature reserves. There are fisheries, and oil, gas and sand are extracted. Military exercises and recreation take place. Underwater, there are pipelines and cables. And off the coast, but soon also far out at sea, more and more wind farms are appearing. The plans for large-scale solar parks, seaweed, oyster and fish farming at sea and energy hubs are taking more and more definite shape. Moreover, after Brexit, our border with the United Kingdom has become an EU external border. The animated chart below illustrates the current and future economic values of the Dutch North Sea:


(illustration by HCSS - click on the picture for the report "The High Value of The North Sea")


Broadband & IoT @Sea

Why better connectivity becomes mandatory:

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The High Value of The North Sea